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Beijing Fengtai branch of industry and Commerce announced yesterday that in order to ensure the safety of tofu food, it will officially implement the system of packaging and listing of large drawer tofu in bulk in the agricultural and sideline products wholesale market under its jurisdiction

it is reported that there is no tension machine fixture for the tofu in bulk. As an important part of the instrument, packaging is an old problem. To this end, in July this year, Fengtai branch for Industry and Commerce began to try out the packaging and listing of large drawer tofu in bulk in Xinfadi market. All tofu dealers in the market are required to purchase goods from the enterprises that have signed the hook agreement. However, the bulk large drawer tofu produced by the enterprises that have signed the hook agreement must be packaged with disposable drawer cloth. The product name, raw material, factory name, address, production date, shelf life and other relevant information are uniformly printed on the drawer cloth. 6. Press the key switch

the relevant person in charge of the market section of Fengtai branch of industry and Commerce said yesterday that in the next step, Fengtai will promote this system in the wholesale market of agricultural and sideline products in the whole region

in addition, Fengtai branch of industry and commerce also requires tofu food operators to actively issue credit cards to consumers and affix the sales confirmation seal when selling goods. The contents of the confirmation seal include the market name, booth number and name of the operator, which correspond to the operator's business license one by one

information source: Beijing Entertainment News

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