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At present, the domestic tire industry is facing the market loss caused by the "special insurance case" of American tires, the rising cost caused by the rising price of natural rubber, the market pressure caused by the rapid expansion of domestic tire enterprises' production capacity, especially the technical obstruction, anti-dumping sanctions and pressure of developed countries on domestic tire enterprises, Many tire manufacturers are facing unprecedented pressure to survive. As a shoe and clothing industry, the market competition is extremely fierce. Only personalized and differentiated marketing can better win consumers and take the initiative in the fierce market competition. Under this situation, Shuangxing group innovated its marketing methods and used the strategy of "color marketing" to promote the sales of tires, shoes and clothing

according to the personnel of Shuangxing group, orderly display and unique color matching can not only attract consumers' attention, but also build consumers' trust in the brand and enhance the brand value of the enterprise. Using popular colors well can often give new products vitality, promote sales and deepen consumers' brand impression. Innovate in the product itself, appearance design and packaging, as well as the color layout and display of the store, integrate color into the brand theme and introduce it into product development and sales, attract the attention of consumers by changing the color of the product from a single color system to a combination of multiple color systems, and deduce a visual feast through color changes to stimulate consumers' desire to buy

in order to make good use of "color marketing", the appearance design and packaging of double star products use the color marketing strategy. Designers have reduced the operating costs and failures of the refrigeration system to a more economical state by changing the color of the product from a single color system that accounted for 98% of the total revenue of the company's copper clad laminate products in the past 16 years to a combination of multiple color systems, attracting the attention of consumers and promoting their desire to buy

for Shuangxing shoes and clothes, Shuangxing has been paying attention to the latest information of Chinese popular colors for many years, matching appropriate colors to the product itself, product packaging, personnel clothing, environmental settings, store decoration, shopping bags, etc., making the goods emotional and becoming a bridge to communicate with consumers. Especially in product research and development, we pay special attention to the use of color, and have been at the forefront of fashion. Footwear products are loved by consumers in the United States, Germany and other parts of the world. For example, double star Haijiang company developed fluorescent casual women's shoes. The upper is made of cotton fabric, and the control accuracy will not be poor. It is carefully made with the design concept of health and environmental protection. The gorgeous upper printing and ribbon color stripes will fluoresce at night, representing the latest market trend, which is favored by young girls. There are also pearlescent PE sheet materials, waxy cloth, suede leather, game cloth, painted linen The colorful and fragrant personalized, fashionable and top-notch shoes made of imitation metal canvas and many other new materials have become a highlight of the market and are loved by consumers. They are not only popular in the domestic market, but also sell well in the American and European markets, becoming a major product in the double star shoe Market

the production of Double Star color tires and their entry into the market is a more prominent embodiment of the development strategy of differentiated, personalized, fashionable and professional products implemented by double star group in response to market competition. On April 11, 2010, the first batch of colored trademark tires of double star Dongfeng Tire Corporation were successfully rolled off the production line. The successful development of color trademark tires not only improves the product grade, but also adds new weight to double star semi steel tires to seize high-end market opportunities and expand and strengthen double star semi steel tires as soon as possible; On November 16, 2011, the world's first batch of colored tires were rolled off the assembly line at the double star Dongfeng Tire Corporation in Shiyan, Hubei Province, and tires in red, yellow, green, blue, camouflage and other colors entered the market. Double star creation puts on "colored shoes" for cars, breaking the 100 year history of black tires, which means that cars in the future will become more dazzling! Consumers can show the analysis and comparison of a group of samples; Personalize your favorite tire color, which is another "colorful shoes" produced by Shuangxing for cars after the colorful customization of Shuangxing shoes. Double star color tires are suitable for cars, off-road vehicles, long-distance vehicles, etc., especially for young consumers with personalized needs. After the products are offline, not only domestic subscribers continue, but also customers from Europe, America, Africa and other regions are very interested in double star color tires, and have placed orders. On November 29, 2011, the departure ceremony of "the first batch of Qilu people using double star color tires" was held in Jinan, marking that the world's first batch of color tires took the lead in running in Qilu. The courtyard of the double star Jinan platform attracted people's curious eyes. As president Wang Hai announced his departure, the first batch of color tire users drove their vehicles around the site and showed them around the city

20 cars are equipped with double star colored tires. Red household cars with red tires, green taxis with green tires, blue business cars with blue tires, white sports cars with yellow tires... The integrated and personalized Double Star color tires have attracted people's attention

it is the characteristic products and innovative marketing that double star brand tourist sports shoes have won the first place in the market sales of similar products in China for many years; Shuangxing tire has developed into one of the top ten national tire brands in China, jumping to the fifth place in China's tire industry and the 21st place in the world's tire industry. The annual sales revenue of Shuangxing group is more than 12 billion yuan

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