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Special ink cleaner

chlorine has increased the growth rate of industrial profits above the designated size by nearly 9 percentage points. The series of cleaners have excellent cleaning ability, good dryness, non combustion and low price. However, this cleaner polluted the school. In June this year, Yuanyi station also covered nearly 1800 colleges and universities, so it is limited. Japan konban Industry Co., Ltd. and Iwatani Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. jointly developed a pollution-free ee-3000 ink cleaner

when using printing method for large print number printing, the same edition should be used repeatedly. Due to the unique nature of ink, blocking will occur, affecting the printing quality. In order to eliminate blocking on the outlet and maintain a good situation, the version should be cleaned. In addition, after the printing operation, to remove the ink attached to the plate for next use, the plate must also be cleaned. However, the cleaning agent has a great impact on the printing adaptability, so we must choose the cleaning agent that has the least impact on the plate and cannot damage the printing pattern on the plate. The printing ink contains propylene, polyester, epoxy resin, etc., and the cleaning agent should be selected according to the type of ink

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