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Special issue Beijing: the left hand warms the right hand blue sky

the left hand warms the right hand blue sky

CLP media LV Qinglang, Wu Qingling, Wang minxu

the data just released once again brings new attention and applause to Beijing's "coal to electricity": by the end of October this year, Beijing has basically achieved "coal free" in plain areas, and the number of electric heating users has exceeded 1.2 million, with an average household capacity of 9 kW, the largest scale in the country. Since then, Beijing can reduce 2.022 million tons of coal, 5.421 million tons of carbon dioxide, 50000 tons of sulfur dioxide and 14600 tons of nitrogen oxides every year. So far, Beijing Electric Power Company (hereinafter referred to as "Beijing electric power") has also become the second largest heating enterprise in the capital, taking on every moment of the warm operation and blue sky in Beijing in winter

behind the quietly occurring extension and core upgrading of the corporate role of Beijing electric power is the steady implementation of the "re electrification" strategy in the capital, the major changes in the energy consumption and lifestyle of urban and rural residents in Beijing and the overall improvement of their well-being for thousands of years, as well as the footnote to the new era of the capital's urban civilization

16 years on the job

realize the "coal free" of the plain two years in advance

the Beijing "coal to electricity" project started in 2003, started from the cultural protection zone, and completed the "coal to electricity" construction of more than 300000 households in 12 years with the oil delivery valve turned down, basically realizing the "coal free" of the core area of the capital. Since 2015, "coal to electricity" has gradually extended to rural areas

in 2016, the process of "coal free" in Beijing was promoted from the core area to the outer suburbs, and the speed was comprehensively accelerated. p>

in 2018, on the basis of completing the task of "replacing coal with electricity" in 312 villages and 122600 households assigned by the Beijing municipal government with quality and quantity, Beijing electric power also overfulfilled the transformation of supporting electricity in 163 villages and 57400 households in mountainous areas, and achieved "coal free" in Beijing plain area in three years. The realization of this goal is two years ahead of the completion of the clean heating task undertaken by Beijing and the transformation task of "replacing coal with electricity" during the 13th Five Year Plan period in the "three year action plan for winning the blue sky defense war" of the State Council

"coal to electricity" is not only a livelihood project, but also a systematic project. It is not only a collaborative battle between government departments, power companies and residential users, but also a win-win battle for air pollution prevention and control and people's warmth in winter. Beijing's "coal to electricity" provides an effective "Beijing plan" for this national problem

over the years, the highly close cooperation between government and enterprises has formed a strong joint force of "coal to electricity" in Beijing. The CPC Central Committee and the State Council attach great importance to it. The central leaders personally deployed it, the Beijing Municipal Party committee and the Beijing municipal government fully organized it, and the relevant committees, offices and bureaus and district governments closely cooperated. Through the awesome of "one meeting, three letters", it opened a "green channel" for the simplification of 20 administrative approval items for Beijing's "coal to electricity" program. With the strong support of the State Grid Corporation of China for preferential investment, Beijing Electric Power insisted on serving the overall situation and the people's livelihood, concentrated its efforts and took the initiative to take on the responsibility, listed the "coal to electricity" as the key work, and actively cooperated with the Beijing Municipal Party committee and the Beijing municipal government to formulate the "2016 ~ 2020 coal to electricity implementation plan in Beijing", which promoted the government departments to issue the land acquisition and demolition of supporting power projects A number of supporting policies, such as investment subsidies for supporting power projects of 10 kV and below and residential peak valley pilot electricity prices, have laid a solid foundation for the smooth progress of the "coal to electricity" project, and spare no effort to build the "coal to electricity" project into a landmark project serving the air pollution control of the capital, making Beijing the first demonstration area of "coal to clean energy" in China

government, enterprises and people unite

Beijing electric power fully builds the "Beijing plan"

Beijing electric power marketing department is the leading department of Beijing's "coal to electricity" project. Long Guobiao, deputy director of the Department, can be called the "image spokesperson" of Beijing's "coal to electricity". From top-level design to implementation details, the processing methods are as follows: ① electricity comes from massive computer data to hardships all the way, and he is handy For example, "Beijing's' coal to electricity 'is a real systematic project, which cannot be achieved overnight. Over the past 16 years, it has achieved' people are really happy 'by' leaders really attach importance to it, departments really work hard, and grass-roots units really implement it '. From the internal perspective of Beijing power, all departments and local companies have worked together, closely engaged, and fully invested, and the project has been completed together."

over the past 16 years, the people of Beijing Electric Power Co., Ltd. have unswervingly described the wonderful picture of "coal to electricity" in the capital with loyalty and dedication, and promoted a brand-new revolution in the traditional energy consumption mode of urban and rural residents. Once the "coal to electricity" project is started, the construction and supporting power supply construction must be completed before the heating season of that year. "We can't let a household be frozen" -- this belief supported the elite division of Beijing electric power to "change coal to electricity", and completed a race against time one after another

Beijing Electric Power Co., Ltd. has included the construction progress of the "coal to electricity" project. The solution is to clean the buffer valve into the management process of the "big construction" system, play a game of chess, multi professional linkage and multi department coordination, and clarify the division of labor between the infrastructure Department, development department, materials department, marketing department and other departments, from the feasibility study, approval, design, materials, project bidding and other nodes, The management and control mode of "annual assessment, monthly regular meeting, weekly scheduling, daily management and control, and key supervision of key nodes" has been formed in the work. The time for handling the formalities in the early stage of the project is shortened, and the material supply is in place in time. Through the monthly scheduling regular meeting of the "coal to electricity" project, special scheduling is adopted for the problems restricting the progress of the project, so as to ensure that major matters are uploaded and distributed, coordinated and solved overnight, and effectively promote the progress of the project. The slogan "safety, quality and service cannot be lost" has also become the consensus of every participant in the "coal to electricity" project

in order to create basic conditions for the smooth promotion of "coal to electricity" and fully guarantee the warmth of 1.2 million "coal to electricity" users, over the past 16 years, Beijing electric power has accelerated the construction of UHV project in Beijing on the one hand, and the other method is to continuously build a strong smart power in the capital based on the fact that the test piece is under tension and attacked by ozone. A total of 26.4 billion yuan of special supporting funds have been invested from 2016 to 2017 alone. 46 power transmission and transformation projects were newly built and expanded, with a new transformation capacity of 6.79 million KVA and 660 kilometers of transmission lines; In terms of power distribution, projects such as power distribution automation coverage, power supply reliability improvement and a new round of agricultural transformation and upgrading have been implemented. 297000 new poles have been erected, with an area equivalent to 87 football fields, and 71000 kilometers of new and reconstructed power distribution lines. The total length is equivalent to nearly two circles around the earth, and more than 12000 transformers have been installed in total

1.2 million household warmth guarantee

the second largest heating enterprise in the capital keeps performing its responsibilities

9 kW per household capacity and 1.2 million "coal to electricity" users. Behind these two epoch-making heavy data, it not only condenses Beijing power's dedication to the "coal to electricity" project, but also means the transformation and upgrading of the capital's power operation mode and enterprise role

the average household capacity of Beijing plain area has been increased from 1.5 kW to 9 kW, marking the comprehensive upgrading of electricity in rural areas of Beijing, helping hundreds of thousands of rural households in the capital use "electric heating", entering the era of electrification, which has basically reached the level of developed countries in Europe and the United States

the load access of 1.2 million "coal to electricity" users is unprecedented "big data" for any provincial power. Will it affect the safe and stable operation of Beijing power? Without similar experience for reference, how can Beijing electric power, which is not a "traditional heating enterprise", ensure the warmth of 1.2 million "coal to electricity" users

on November 20, this winter heating season started smoothly. Liu Hui, director of the first regulation department of Beijing power regulation center, told, "we carried out risk analysis in advance. Based on the maximum value of power load in 2017 in winter, as early as October this year, we completed the analysis of winter power operation mode under 22.2 million kW load level, identified the weak links of power operation, and ensured the mastery and control of operation risks."

not only that, in order to ensure that "coal to electricity" users can use electricity at ease, Beijing electric power has also set up Communist service posts in all "coal to electricity" villages to achieve full service coverage, formulate security plans village by village, implement control measures line by line, deploy 196 emergency repair teams and 168 emergency power generation vehicles in advance, provide all-weather emergency support, and provide 24-hour emergency power transmission services

in addition to a large amount of investment in electricity operation and maintenance, Beijing electric power has also taken the initiative to implement the "coal to electricity" user price subsidy policy and put the overall situation of people's livelihood in the first place. It not only implements the hourly electricity price in the heating season, extends the valley section from the original 9 hours to 12 hours, but also advances the government in real time to pay the electricity price subsidy of 20 cents per kilowatt hour, that is, in the low period of the heating season, when the "coal to electricity" users use electricity for heating, the real-time advance payment per kilowatt hour only costs 10 cents, and there is no need to apply for and wait for the return of the electricity subsidy after the end of the heating season

what disperses is ash, and what remains is happiness. Today, for people living in Beijing, the 16 year long process of "changing coal to electricity" has become a footnote to the changes of the times, just like another winter of clean heating has come. We touch the warmth with our left hand and embrace the blue sky with our right hand, and go to a better tomorrow of electrification

: Zhou Xiaobo

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