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The 8th Vietnam International Paper Exhibition and conference was held in Ho Chi Minh City on June. The exhibition is currently the only professional paper industry exhibition in Vietnam. The exhibition has received strong support from pulp and paper associations in Vietnam, China, Thailand, Indonesia and so on, so it has attracted a lot of trade and investment attention

in response to the national "the Belt and Road" policy, promote 1. Is the use of fixtures safe and convenient for China's special paper, immediately improve the pace of internationalization of the industry, and help China's special paper enterprises to explore the Southeast Asian market, the special paper professional committee of China Paper Association (hereinafter referred to as the special paper Committee) organized more than 10 domestic enterprises to Vietnam for the first time to participate in the exhibition and exchange

on June 26, the special paper Committee delegation to Vietnam made a collective appearance at the exhibition, which received extensive attention, and an endless stream of traders came to consult and exchange

in the afternoon, Liu Wen, Secretary General of the special paper Committee, delivered a report entitled "overview of China's special paper industry" at the meeting. Secretary General Liu gave an overview of the global and Chinese special paper industry, and introduced in detail China's special paper enterprises and China's main special paper products

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