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New packaging of special glass: Universal glass assembling rack

at present, the packaging method of flat glass is mostly packed in wooden cases. Due to the small possibility of recycling, a lot of wood is wasted. It is also difficult to pack windshield glass, door glass and other special glass used in the automotive industry with wooden cases. Especially for all kinds of glasses used in automobile assembly lines, a convenient and applicable container rack is needed to facilitate turnover. For this reason, a retractable, foldable and adjustable glass assembling frame has been designed in China, and the use effect is good

this paper introduces the design principle of each component of the container frame. If it is further improved on this basis, a universal flat glass container can be designed and processed. One inspection rod loaded turnover frame can be used as a packaging for flat glass of various specifications, and even as a container transportation packaging and turnover of various plates

the working principle of the universal glass container rack

as shown in Figure 1, the universal glass container rack is composed of a main frame, a telescopic side frame, a movable lower stop, a rear folding frame locking mechanism, a foldable front frame, a rotatable and adjustable upper stop, a foldable rear frame and a rear main frame

when assembling glass, first adjust the telescopic frame to fit the size of the glass, then erect the foldable rear frame and lock it with the locking mechanism, then erect the front frame without reaching the self-locking position, and adjust the position of the upper stop up and down to adapt to the glass of different heights. Finally, the tilt angle and rotation angle of the upper block and the lower block can be adjusted according to the requirements of the glass, and then continue to place the glass until it is filled to meet the standard requirements

according to the transportation needs or inventory requirements, the universal container frame filled with glass can stack the two frames. For this reason, the feet are set under the telescopic side frame and the main frame to match its upper end, which saves both transportation capacity and site

when the empty frame is transported backwards, first retract the telescopic frame, and fold the front frame and rear frame, as shown in Figure 2. The folded empty shelves are stacked again, which takes up less space and saves freight

working principle of each component

Figure 3 is the folding schematic diagram of the foldable front frame. The normal working position is shown in Figure 3a. The foldable front frame forms a bolt hinge connection with the U-shaped splint of the main frame. At the same time, the positioning angle iron on both sides of the foldable front frame is embedded in the U-shaped iron hoop on the main frame to form a stable upright state. If it is necessary to fold the front frame, first lift it to make the positioning angle iron separate from the corresponding empty slot in the main frame. Since the hole at the lower end of the front frame that matches the bolt hinge chain is an L-shaped oblong hole, during the lifting process, the bolt forces the front frame to the left and up to the position shown in Figure 3B. At this time, the front frame can be rotated around the bolt hinge and leveled, as shown in Figure 3C, to complete the folding process. Lifting the front frame is the reverse process, and the positive and negative process only needs one person to operate

because the foldable rear frame is heavy, it is really difficult for one person to lift, overturn and fold, so a set of locking mechanism and bolt hinge are designed. In order to prevent it from overturning at will, the locking mechanism is designed with fork pins, which lock the fork of the rear frame and the main frame during operation. Because the locking mechanism and the rear frame are welded together, a stable positioning is formed. When folding is required, first pull out the fork pins of the locking mechanism on both sides of the rear frame. This can be achieved by pulling the handle to overcome the spring preload in the mechanism, and then fold the rear frame. In order to prevent dry mixing, the bolt holes on the main frame are also designed with long round holes. Lifting to the working state is the reverse process of folding

the retractable frame is formed by the square tube on the side frame, the main beam and the square tube on the rear frame to form an extensible and difficult to wipe dry and shrink adjustment structure. After being adjusted to a certain position, it can be fixed with bolts and pins to form a fixed structure

the working principle of the rotatable and adjustable upper stop is shown in Figure 5. The splint and bracket cooperate to clamp the rear frame hole. After pulling out the positioning lock, you can multiply the position of the mechanism up and down along the hole. Liang Zhenying said that the narrow is locked with the positioning lock. The bolt pair hinge and shaft form left and right, up and down rotating shafts, and the stop can rotate in different directions to adapt to different glass curved surfaces

the working principle of the rotatable lower stop is shown in Figure 6. The front and rear support plates are hinged by bolts, and the support plates are welded to the fixed seat of the main frame to form a stable support. There is an interval between the two support plates, and the bolt is inserted in the sleeve. If this sleeve is welded with the fork frame, the stop can rotate around the bolt hinge. Due to the additional design of bolt hinge, the stopper can rotate left and right or up and down to adapt to different angles and curved shapes of the glass. When the baffle contacts the glass, it can make the stopper contact the glass in full area, ensuring that the glass has a large stress area and is not easy to break

in addition to being easy to cause damage during glass transportation, another major problem is the scratch caused by mutual friction between the glass surfaces. Therefore, this mechanism is designed to install equidistant tooth shaped rubber strips under the glass, place rubber foam cushion blocks between the upper glass, and then pack them with packing tape and fix them with the main frame, so as to prevent the glass from sliding back and forth and eliminate the scratch

this set has relatively complete rack mounting functions. As a turnover rack, it can replace the existing fixed rack type. In order to adapt to different shapes and specifications of glass and the number of transport pieces, targeted design can be implemented according to the specific process requirements, and the scope of adaptation can be expanded through adjustment. Although the one-time investment cost is high, the long-term economic benefits are considerable, and there is a prospect of replacing wooden box packaging glass

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