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The special glass project with an investment of US $156 million settled in Dongtai

on the morning of March 28, the special glass project invested by Owens Illinois group of the United States was successfully signed in Dongtai. Zhang Lixiang, member of the Standing Committee of Yancheng Municipal Party committee and Secretary of Dongtai municipal Party committee, and Ge Qifa, deputy secretary of Yancheng Municipal Party committee and mayor, attended the signing ceremony

Owens Illinois group, one of the world's top 500 enterprises, is the world's largest manufacturer of glass containers. At present, it has nine production bases in China. The special glass project signed this time is planned to have a total investment of 156 million US dollars in addition to ixsenic technology, with an annual output of more than 1 billion high-end glass containers. The group will pool global resources to support the construction of Dongtai project and build Dongtai into a leading enterprise in the special glass industry. Robert Miguel, President of Owens Illinois group in China, and Paul, manager of new business development in China, spoke at the signing ceremony respectively

Zhang Lixiang delivered a passionate speech at the signing ceremony. He said that Dongtai is located in the middle of Jiangsu coastal area, with a history of more than 5500 years. It has the largest ecological wetland on the West Bank of the Pacific Ocean, and is rich in coastal beach resources, wind power and solar energy resources. New materials, new energy, green food and other industries are booming, (3) check whether the power supply voltage connected to the pipe ring stiffness tester is normal, and its comprehensive strength ranks 56th among the top 100 counties (cities) in China. He pointed out that the successful signing of the special glass project is of great significance to the development of Owens Illinois group in China and the upgrading of Dongtai industry. Dongtai will fully support the development of the enterprise and provide high-quality services. It is hoped that the project will start construction as soon as possible and jointly build the largest glass production base in East China

Ge Qifa, deputy secretary of the municipal Party committee and mayor, presided over the signing ceremony. Municipal leaders Xiao Ruhong, Ji Hongmei, Zheng Jingbo and others attended the signing ceremony. Vice City Ningwu new material is a national high-tech enterprise President chenxiaojun. After reinstalling the software, copy the backup file to the new installation path to replace it. Mr. Robert Miguel signed the investment agreement on behalf of both parties

before the signing ceremony, Zhang Lixiang and Ge Qifa cordially met with Mr. Robert Miguel and his delegation, and the two sides had a friendly conversation on developing in-depth cooperation. Mr. Robert Miguel is full of confidence in investing in Dongtai and said that he will actively promote Dongtai and introduce projects through the influence of Owens Illinois group to jointly create a better future

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