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Special inks inject life color into printed matter (Part 1)

the types of inks will change thousands of times, and the arduous task is inseparable from adding life color to printed matter. A plain white cardboard, under the reflection of ultraviolet light, appears one by one colorful fluorescent patterns, and the viewer is all excited; A menu full of delicious dishes, of course, is appetizing. If you add fragrant ink, it will be an irresistible taste temptation. It is not difficult to imagine that if the ink is the same, the extraordinary charm of printed matter will probably disappear by more than half, even if it does not disappear. During external circulation, the constant temperature liquid in the tank can be introduced outside

fluorescent ink to release invisible colors

in the special printing effect set, more than 20 types of printing work are exquisite, and the printing sheet with similar printing difficulty is mixed with an ordinary white cardboard, the picture is blank, and the "unique" place is light, which is easy to attract people's attention before using plastic tolerance

take a closer look at the production instructions of the printed sheet, and finally get a clear answer. The patterns printed on white cardboard with fluorescent anti-counterfeiting ink can be clearly displayed only under ultraviolet radiation. Take the printed sheet to the ultraviolet light for a shot, and the brightly colored fluorescent yellow and fluorescent orange patterns are brought to life in real time. The eye-catching effect is amazing. The special inks for printing these prints are sponsored by Chuangxi Co., Ltd., which specializes in printing materials and environmentally friendly water-based varnish. Xie chilun, the sales manager, said in his introduction: fluorescent anti-counterfeiting ink is called "invisible ink" in Hong Kong and "colorless fluorescent ink" in China. Because the wavelength of ultraviolet light is different from the fluorescent pattern, fluorescent color will be generated when irradiated

the fluorescent inks sold by Chuangxi are mainly inks made of several raw materials purchased from foreign countries and processed by ourselves. There are several colors for customers to choose, such as invisible yellow, invisible blue, invisible red and invisible orange commonly known in Hong Kong. Among them, invisible orange is the latest exclusive product developed by Chuangxi, which is unique in the market. However, Mr. Xie said that the development of invisible ink has reached its limit, and that is what can be done at present. There can be no breakthrough

printing fluorescent ink is not difficult, and the general printing machine can be successfully completed. However, it must be noted that since the ink is transparent and only slightly colored, the ink roller must be thoroughly cleaned before printing to prevent the printed pattern from being contaminated with other colored inks and affecting the overall effect. In addition, in order to avoid the original color of fluorescent ink appearing on the print sheet after printing and affecting the appearance, Mr. Xie suggested that a layer of ordinary colored ink backing should be printed before printing. For example, printing a layer of yellow before printing fluorescent yellow will not cause the above problems

talking about the anti-counterfeiting use of fluorescent ink, he pointed out that as early as ten or twenty years ago, invisible ink had great anti-counterfeiting use, but later, China gradually opened up and began to be able to make this special ink. Other countries such as the United States, Canada, Europe and so on also have production supplies. With the increasing popularity of ink, its anti-counterfeiting effect has been gradually weakened, and now it is impossible to achieve 100% anti-counterfeiting. For example, general products such as medicine or other less expensive products will also use fluorescent ink to look forward to the anti-counterfeiting effect in the future. As for the packaging of some more expensive products such as cigarettes, wine and cosmetics, in addition to invisible ink marks, multiple anti-counterfeiting measures will be adopted at the same time, such as laser film, three-dimensional anti-counterfeiting marks, special printing effects, etc. Another example is the familiar Hong Kong banknote, in which the color of invisible ink is also changed from a single kind in the past to more than three kinds of fluorescent fibers

I don't know. It turns out that when Chuangxi sells anti-counterfeit inks, it must follow a very rigorous procedure to prevent them from being used illegally by bad buyers. When we import ink from foreign countries, the foreign manufacturers' chamber of commerce requires us to list the business registration, anti-counterfeiting ink use, printing product category and other data of the customers who purchase the ink, in order to prevent the ink from flowing into the hands of bad printers who print fake goods and affect the reputation of genuine producers. However, in the past ten years, China has opened up and has a certain understanding of the technology of producing anti-counterfeiting ink. Although domestic ink manufacturers can generally abide by integrity, it is impossible to predict whether ink buyers can do this. Because of this, no manufacturer now relies solely on fluorescent ink anti-counterfeiting

pearl ink provides an alternative choice

in addition to fluorescent ink, Chuangxi also produces pearl ink with high cost and special effect of anti-counterfeiting and printing, which is divided into three categories according to its purpose, including offset pearl, water-based pearl and silk pearl. When explaining the differences between the three, Mr. Xie pointed out that offset pearl ink can be used in offset printing machines, but the sense of pearls printed is not strong; Water based pearls can be used in polishes to dye any paper into Pearl cards, breaking the limitation that there were only a few ready-made pearl cards for consumers to choose from in the past. But among the three, silk pearl ink is the best, because the ink of silk screen printing is thicker than offset and polishing machines

don't think that the price of silk screen pearl ink will be the highest among the three because of its good printing effect. Mr. Xie said that the most expensive is offset pearl ink, which is several times more expensive than silk screen ink. Of course, you can make this ink very cheap, but the effect will be very poor, and there will be great difficulties in printing. When preparing ink, we will use high-quality American pearl powder, so as to meet the requirements of offset printing machine. Pearl ink has a variety of colors to choose from, including pearl white, pearl blue and so on. However, because there are not many customer requirements, Chuangxi rarely produces pearl inks of other colors except pearl white

the effect of printing pearl ink on different types of paper may be very different. For example, if you print with book paper or cardboard, one effect may be very strong, and the other effect may be almost the same after printing. To achieve excellent results, Mr. Xie suggested that users choose darker paper to set off the remarkable effect of pearl ink. He added: in addition to the printing effects of silk screen printing and offset printing, pearl ink printing also has flexographic and copperplate printing effects. For example, wallpaper printing is a kind of copperplate printing. The printed texture is heavy, the thickness is high, and the effect is excellent, but we still can't imitate it at present, and we can only use the silk printing model to reach 80% or 90%

fragrance and temperature sensitivity have their own special characteristics

pay close attention to the printed products on the market, such as children's books, it is not difficult to find the traces of fragrance ink and temperature sensitive ink. They have the functions of exuding fragrance when wiped and changing color when exposed to heat, which can attract people's interest, especially children's interest. Chuangxi also has agents for these two special inks. For scented inks, for the time being, we offer four scents, including lavender, rose, strawberry and so on. Among more than 20 special printing sheets, one with the design of strawberries exudes the aroma of strawberries. Generally speaking, if you don't rub it often and don't let the sun shine directly, the fragrance of the ink can last for one to two years. Mr. Xie said that customers generally use this kind of ink in recipes, and in the past, foreign manufacturers would also provide different flavors. However, in the later stage, due to the reduction in customer purchases, and the purchase of a kilogram of scented ink can be used for a long time, based on cost considerations, the choice of flavor of oil and ink is gradually reduced

as for temperature sensitive inks that change color when exposed to heat, they are mainly used in cigarette packs and drugs, which also had a high anti-counterfeiting effect ten years ago. As the ink will become transparent once it is heated, the more it is printed on the offset machine, the more the color disappears. "The printing factory can use refrigerant to reproduce the color and observe whether the printed color meets the requirements." However, like scented inks, because the purchase volume of inks requires at least one to two kilograms, and the application time of inks with this capacity is quite long, unless customers have special requirements and will purchase a large number at one time, Chuangxi will not place special orders and rarely promote them to customers on weekdays

(to be continued)

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