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The special oil for shell construction machinery brings cool in summer into Xinxiang

in August, in the heat of summer, with a primary intention, the special oil summer brings cool team is brave on the road, not afraid of sweat. Once placed in the test piece, they are sweating, not afraid of the tedium of the road, because they firmly believe that pain makes them confused, and time will make them strong. On August 10, the south line team of the special oil for shell construction machinery delivered cool air in summer successfully went to the next city in Luoyang, Henan Province, and passed through Xinxiang, Henan Province. It brings a well prepared cool summer to new cities and new users

special oil for shell construction machinery is delivered to the cool activity site in summer

in August in Xinxiang, it is hot and high-profile. I always feel that looking down on the city, I can see the white steam that if there is nothing, it will come out. On the day of arriving in Xinxiang, the terrible summer heat became the biggest obstacle to the test of the visiting group. The running for half a month made every visiting member physically and mentally exhausted. How to withstand the high temperature in Xinxiang to send intimate summer coolness to the front-line users and service personnel of construction machinery here? It is worth the careful arrangement of the visiting partners

customers come to participate in the cool off activity

the small partners of the visiting group are helping customers participate in the activity

at about 8:00 a.m. on August 11, the cool off group came to Huixian County, Xinxiang City as early as possible to step up the layout of the activity site, and the activity should be carried out at the most golden time of the day. At about 9 o'clock, engineering clients from all sides made the event scene lively, and the clients were not only traveling in Sichuan, but also curious or consulting. Under a sunshade, the partners of the cooling group carefully prepared, cold drinks, ice cream and Huoxiang Zhengqi water on the scene, and customers who attended the scene could get them by scanning the code. In addition, in the visiting car parked on the side of the activity site, the activity team invited hairdressers and massage masters to provide free services for users in the industry who need them. From the scene, the barber's skill is quite good. The most eye-catching robot in the center of the venue is the "golden armor guard" wearing robot that has been patrolling around with the activity team. Many customers have come to experience group photos

customers at the scene receive ice cream and cold drinks

cold drinks massage, washing, cutting and blowing, free door-to-door, cool to fly

search the applet "shell engineering machinery hero club"

this summer, let every engineering robot fly

service has never been big or small. A simple cold drink and a comfortable massage are the warmth that deserves sincere gratitude. This time, the special oil for shell construction machinery entered the national construction machinery market with a sincere and caring spirit, which conveyed the care of the industry. After leaving the machine head, the customer inquired that according to the classification of Jinan Hengxu experimental machine, we explained that it was the positive energy of the industry (the friction between cylinder and piston ring in engine, cam and tappet, machine tool guide rail and worm drive all belong to this kind), It is another practice of shell brand service

during the leisure time of the activity, the cooling group talked with shell agents about the local market. It is understood that the agent Huixian (final excavator overhaul plant) has a great reputation in the local construction machinery market, has been engaged in construction machinery for more than 10 years, has numerous new and old customers, and the market is stable. At present, it is mainly engaged in construction machinery maintenance, second-hand equipment trading, accessories, lubricant sales, etc. We have been cooperating with shell for more than one year, with obvious performance, and have considerable confidence in shell's brand and products

In recent years, shell has keenly grasped the industry trend that the profit space of construction machinery has been transferred to the corresponding service field, and has repeatedly improved the variety and experience of shell's special oil products and supporting services. In June 2016, it took the lead in launching special oil for construction machinery in the whole industry, including three types of oil products: CH-4, CF-4 multi-stage heavy-duty diesel engine lubricating oil and HM46 anti-wear hydraulic oil. In April, 2018, following CH-4 and CF-4 multi-stage heavy-duty diesel engine lubricating oil and HM46 anti-wear hydraulic oil, shell introduced a new special grease product for construction machinery into the special oil product series for construction machinery to meet the increasing demand of industry customers. Now it has become the preferred product of construction machinery together with other special oil products of shell construction machinery

at the beginning of 2017, China Construction Machinery post market alliance, which was highly concerned by colleagues in the industry, went deep into the front line of maintenance to investigate and visit, and found that maintenance personnel shoulder heavy responsibilities, but do not have market discourse power. In order to restate market justice and carry forward the craftsmanship spirit of construction machinery maintainers, the "search for maintenance stars" was launched in March 2018, aiming to build an open and fair platform for the skill recognition of maintainers and promote the maintenance field to glow with new vitality. The significance of its activities is consistent with shell's service demands after construction machinery, which has been exclusively named by shell. At the same time, it has also received sponsorship and support from Jiangxi hengshengda, Qingdao Jiucheng, Zhongwei Zhuote, Guangxi xinguangming and yuanfengda

: Lu Jinsheng

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