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Special motor drives have become market highlights

frequency converters, servo drives, stepping drives, brushless DC motor drives can be collectively referred to as motor drives. According to the application, we divide the motor driver into general motor driver and special motor driver. The general motor driver is not for a certain application, and can be widely used in machine tools, textiles, packaging, printing, food and other machinery. The international manufacturers of general motor drives are mainly Japanese manufacturers Panasonic, Mitsubishi, Yaskawa, Fuji and Hitachi. These general motor drives have large shipments, wide applications, good versatility and high market share. Most Chinese motor drive manufacturers also mainly target the general motor drive market, such as Delta, NVIDIA, sine, Yi Neng and Maxon. International manufacturers of special motor drives include Kollmorgen (Danaher), Lenze, Bosch Rexroth and Elmo. These companies' motor drives are highly specialized and are very suitable for some sub industries and applications. The local representative special drive manufacturers are Huichuan, Nanhai Huateng and meggitt. These companies have historical roots with Huawei, have deep Huawei genes, focus on market segments, pay attention to research and development in technology, and have a wolf like corporate culture. Siemens, abb, Schneider and other large companies in Europe and the United States have a wide product line, so special drives and general drives are involved

ihs senior analyst Zhou WanMu pointed out that the special motor driver performs better than the general motor driver market and has become a bright spot in the motor driver market. The more prominent applications are: electric vehicle and rail transit motor driver, pumping unit motor driver, elevator special driver and elevator all-in-one machine, injection molding machine special driver and air compressor, and water pump uses clean kerosene to clean the inside of the oil pipe, Special driver for fan

electric vehicle and rail transit motor driver

high density, high efficiency, wide speed regulation traction motor and its control system are the heart of electric vehicle. At present, there are two solutions: permanent magnet brushless (including DC and AC) motor drive and AC asynchronous motor drive. At present, rail transit mainly uses AC induction asynchronous motors, while most electric vehicles mainly use permanent magnet brushless DC motors or permanent magnet brushless AC motors. The motor driver in electric vehicles mainly plays two roles: one is to convert the electric energy of the battery into the mechanical energy of the motor, and control the torque and speed; the other is to feed back the excess energy generated by deceleration and store it in the battery. The recently popular Tesla Model s electric vehicle does not use permanent magnet motors, but copper rotor four pole three-phase AC asynchronous motors. IHS analyst Zhou WanMu believes that there are two main reasons. Technically, induction motor and permanent magnet motor have their own advantages and disadvantages, but AC induction motor is simple, reliable and can maintain high efficiency in a wide speed range. In terms of market, the time point and speed of product launch will also be taken as important trade-offs. It is convenient to use Tesla Roadster's original AC induction motor design

at present, the local manufacturers Nanhai Huateng and meggitt have performed well in the field of electric vehicle motor drive. From the main drive motor drive to the auxiliary motor drive, the R & D, production and sales have made some progress, and the shipment volume has increased rapidly. In addition, auxiliary motor controllers such as ISG and BSG motor controllers, oil pump motor controllers and gas current data display pump controllers have been tried in small batches

pumping unit motor driver

pumping unit is the most energy consuming equipment used in oilfield production. The motor power is relatively large. 37KW and 45KW motors are used most, and 55kW and 75kW motors are used partially. In the actual production process, the pumping unit is affected by many actual working conditions, such as well depth, oil quality, impurities, sand content, water content, ambient temperature, latitude and so on. The load changes greatly, so the operation stroke, stroke, motor speed and even motor power must be adjusted regularly

the basic requirements for the motor control system of the pumping unit are: large-scale stable and reliable stepless speed regulation, large low-speed torque, and relatively significant power-saving effect. The motor driver of pumping unit can control not only ordinary three-phase asynchronous motor, but also variable-frequency motor and servo motor. The traditional oil field pumping unit is realized by industrial asynchronous motor and reducer with large speed ratio. The equipment is composed of reducer, belt pulley, traveling beam with a length of more than 20 meters and donkey head. The three-phase AC asynchronous servo motor has the advantages of simple structure, low price, reliable operation, maintenance free and long service life

there are many special motor drive schemes for pumping units. Zhejiang University and some petroleum research institutes have made some progress in the research of pumping units. The new scheme adopts special motor drives and permanent magnet brushless motors with low speed and high torque, which saves more than 50% of electricity and reduces the floor area by nearly one mu

air compressors, special drivers for water pumps and fans, all-in-one machines

air compressors, water pumps and fans are widely used in industry, which will seriously affect the measurement results of equipment and civil fields. The power consumption of these equipment accounts for more than 60% of the power consumption of the entire industrial system. Previously, many of these applications were extensive, without considering energy conservation and efficiency, resulting in serious energy waste. With the promotion of the national energy conservation and benefit project, new motor drive schemes are different. IHS analyst Zhou WanMu analyzed that, taking the water pump as an example, it used to use constant speed pumps. Now it starts to use variable speed pumps. Before, it used a large number of traditional asynchronous induction motors. Now it starts to use high-efficiency asynchronous motors, and even permanent magnet motors. Before, it did not add frequency converters. Now it starts to use general-purpose frequency converters, and even more efficient special motor drivers

the combination of high-efficiency asynchronous induction motor and general frequency converter can greatly improve efficiency and save electric energy, but the disadvantage is that the cost is very high. If there is no state subsidy, general units will not use it and cannot afford it. If permanent magnet brushless motor is used with special motor controller, the design scheme is only for air compressor, water pump and fan, which can reduce the cost to a certain extent

some domestic companies have made some attempts in this regard. Sifang has made some air compressor integrated machine schemes, which integrate the peripheral requirements commonly used in the application of the air compressor industry. There is no need to add additional electrical components and circuits, so it is very convenient to use

elevator drive and elevator all-in-one machine

China's urbanization rate has been close to 53% in 2012. China is still in the stage of rapid urbanization development. It is expected that China's urbanization rate will increase to 60% by 2020 and 70% by 2050. The development of urban infrastructure construction, commercial buildings, housing and other markets driven by urbanization will continue to drive the growth of elevator demand. China's elevator production was about 450000 units in 2011 and 530000 units in 2012. It is expected that China's elevator production will continue to grow rapidly in the next few years

thanks to the steady growth of the elevator industry, the elevator integrated driver is developing very fast in China. The integrated machine integrates the elevator control and motor drive, and the system is simpler and more reliable. The products are widely used in passenger elevators, escalators and freight elevators. IHS analyst Zhou WanMu believes that foreign suppliers account for a small market share in the elevator integrated driver market, which is mainly occupied by local manufacturers. The leading manufacturers are Suzhou menak (Huichuan Technology) and Shanghai xinshida. Other manufacturers include Shenyang Blu ray, sine electric, meggitt, alpha, Suzhou Yuanzhi technology, Hangzhou Youmai Technology, Shanghai Ruisheng, Wuxi Zhongxiu, Jiangmen Monde Guangzhou ribin, etc

special driver for injection molding machine

injection molding processing industry is a production intensive industry. As its main equipment, injection molding machine is recognized as a major energy consumer, and the utilization rate of electric energy is generally low. With the increasingly fierce competition in the industry, the profit space of enterprises is further reduced, and the proportion of electricity charges in the total cost is higher and higher, which makes business owners overwhelmed

it is an important market trend to develop all electric injection molding machines, electro-hydraulic hybrid injection molding machines and electric blow molding machines to replace hydraulic injection molding machines and hydraulic blow molding machines. Adopting the scheme of special driver for injection molding machine and servo motor can save more than 60% of energy consumption on the one hand, especially on large injection molding machines and blow molding machines; On the other hand, the perfect self-adaptive and motor control algorithm of high-efficiency permanent magnet motor can control the torque and position according to the needs of the injection molding process, and can greatly improve the repetition of injection molding products. 16. Constant real force, constant deformation, constant displacement rate control: control accuracy: ± 1% set value accuracy

analyst Zhou WanMu believes that with the growth of all electric injection molding machine shipments of Haitian changfeiya and other companies, the demand for special motor drivers in the injection molding machine industry will also increase steadily. Huichuan and Jiangmen Monde are the local manufacturers that have developed better in the field of special drivers for injection molding machines, while Kobe and Rexroth are the foreign manufacturers

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