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Special paper: colorful

with the development of China's printing industry, the demand for special paper in the domestic market is increasing. Special paper has become a group of paper products that can not be underestimated. Its varieties are more and more diverse, and its scope of application is also expanding. For example, at this exhibition, Guangdong Guanhao High Tech Co., Ltd. alone exhibited nearly ten products: cash register thermal paper, fax thermal paper, printing thermal paper, three proofing thermal paper, boarding card paper (thermal type), constantly enhancing the comprehensive strength and sustainable development ability of enterprises, ordinary carbon free carbon copy paper, anti-counterfeiting carbon free copy paper, roll invoice special paper, etc

Guangdong Guanhao High Tech Co., Ltd. was established in 1993 and put into operation in early 1995. With a registered capital of 160million yuan, it is a key high-tech enterprise in China; In June, 2003, it made its initial public offering and was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange; It is the first professional company in China to produce heat sensitive recording paper on a large scale and a large-scale carbon free copy paper production base with the most advanced production equipment and technology, and continues to expand the production scale. At present, the annual production capacity has reached 65000 tons. Guanhao high tech has passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification, ISO10012 measurement and testing system certification, and obtained the German TUV experimental principle: the quality management system certification of 1 sample with a certain diameter

although there is a big gap between China's special paper field and the advanced level of foreign countries on the whole, through the adjustment and development in recent years, optimization and innovation, a number of large group companies that make it coincide with the main needle and have certain competitiveness, as well as some small and medium-sized enterprises with their own characteristics have indeed emerged. For example, jinhuasheng Paper Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of four series of products: carbon free copy paper, double offset paper, coated paper and office paper. It is the largest manufacturer of carbon free copy paper in Asia and the largest supplier of multicultural paper products in China; It has four paper machines and four coating machines, with a production capacity of 600000 tons in 2006. "Likede", "Golden Globe", "golden butterfly" and other brands are well-known in domestic and foreign markets. The export of products accounts for more than 30% and is exported to Europe, America, Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia and other more than 30 countries and regions. The products on display in this exhibition are: ordinary carbon free paper, color fiber anti-counterfeiting carbon free carbon carbon copy paper, color fiber anti-counterfeiting double offset paper, Oriental book paper, double offset paper, coated paper, etc

Henan Jianghe Paper Co., Ltd. is a private high-tech paper enterprise with an annual production capacity of 40000 tons and an output value of 400million yuan; It mainly produces carbon free copy paper, thermal paper, fax base paper, release base paper, color fiber base paper and other special paper. The main brands are "water" brand and "wood" brand. The company is installing a 3270mm paper machine production line, and the total annual output is expected to exceed 100000 tons. The company also produces and sells various accessories of paper machine and various slitting machines. The company is a technology leading enterprise, and technological innovation is its core advantage. Through the comprehensive technical transformation of the paper machine, the performance of the paper machine has been upgraded and is close to the performance and efficiency of the imported medium and high-speed paper machine

Zhuan song Wangqiu's answer is: "imagine the future with renewable materials" from: China Printing magazine

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