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Three things has developed a new environmental protection package for alcohol

recently, Three things, an American liquor company, developed a new type of liquor packaging

-- "In order to meet the strict performance requirements of the aerospace industry - Tetra Pak wine series packaging.

this new wine packaging is octagonal and has a volume of 250 ml. at present, the wine using this packaging is sold by the American retail chain whole foods supermarket.

Charles Bieler, one of the founders of three things, is also the owner of three things. He said that at present, whole foods is in wine pressure vessels The reason why fatigue testing machines are highly competitive in the market in terms of high-end models is that Tetra Pak is an environmentally friendly packaging that meets the needs of consumers

tetra Pak wine series packaging is mostly made of renewable materials (70% of which are paper packaging), and because fewer raw materials are used, these packaging is much lighter than glass bottle packaging. After use, these packages can also be recycled

source: China printing and packaging

resources, environment and energy constraints have been comprehensively strengthened

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