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Ti and 3M celebrate the 10th anniversary of RFID technology cooperation

recently, Ti announced to jointly celebrate the 10th anniversary of cooperation with 3M library systems. During this period, both sides have successfully created one of the major markets for radio frequency identification (r-polyoxymethylene wear-resistant FID) technology. So far, millions of Ti tag it HF-I chips have been used in 3M library systems products worldwide to help libraries track and manage journals. Since the memory used in the development of this technology can stably store data at 131 degrees Fahrenheit (55 degrees Celsius) for about 60 years, Ti can embed extremely durable high-quality HF chips into 3M library systems. 3M library systems is a supplier of a full range of RFID solutions. Its RFID tags can be used to track and manage library assets. 3M RFID system can significantly simplify the process of borrowing and returning books, and can properly manage library materials by connecting computers, so as to provide customers with higher quality services

the library can provide more services without increasing investment, and use RFID and other technologies to automatically perform routine tasks, so that employees can have more time to win more sponsorship for the library. In the process of continuously benefiting from RFID technology, one of the main issues that the library pays attention to is to ensure the reliability and durability of the tag, which not only allows the RF chip to save data during the service life of the library assets, but also ensures the high-quality structure of the RF inlay. The inlay contains the chip and RF antenna, and is embedded in the asset tag of the library. Each RFID chip stores a unique ID bound to the library system database, which can identify different books or documents, such as title, author, number of pages, publication date, purchase date, bookshelf location, etc. Libraries need to ensure the integrity of chip data. They can read inlay information at any time during the service life of book assets (10 to 50 years or even longer). At the same time, they also need to ensure that the physical structure of the inlay is strong enough

Rory yanchek, general manager of 3M track and trace solutions, said, "ti's tag it HF-I chip can help libraries save data for a long time. Moreover, our tests show that ti's HF inlay has the best construction quality and can meet the service life requirements of today's high-standard library applications. We guarantee that the service life of 3M's RFID tags can be as long as that of the book materials pasted with these tags."

Julie England, vice president of Ti, said, "the industry-leading position of 3M library systems has brought exciting new applications to RFID technology. At the same time, it is also one of the largest markets for high frequency (HF) technology. With the flexible and intelligent RFID light-weight tags made by TI's tag it HF chip and the inlay technology jointly developed by both sides, the library can improve its operational efficiency and improve its customer service level."

3m library systems can provide the latest RFID, self-service, automatic material handling, security and PC management solutions, which not only help to build a more humanized library, but also better meet the needs of readers and bring them a happy reading experience. In addition, 3M also collaborated with the library to help the latter win success through technological progress and more industrial grants and related programs. For more details about 3M library systems, please visit the address: http3 Eliminate the influence of uneven mixing of masterbatch and masterbatch://

ti is the largest integrated manufacturer in the field of RFID tags, reader IC and response in Jixi, a resource-based city in the world. With its strong strength in mass semiconductor manufacturing and microelectronic packaging, Ti is not only a visionary leader in developing the latest market for RFID applications and participating in the formulation of international standards, but also always at the forefront of this field. For more details, please visit the address:, or call us at:

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