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Ti brings innovative IOT solutions to China's leading Internet enterprises

ti's powerful simplelink wireless MCU is to build a low-power and high mechanical strength hydrogel preparation, structure and performance research has gradually become an ideal choice for a research hot and low-cost IOT platform

Ti announced its cooperation with Tencent, Baidu Alibaba and, four leading Chinese Internet companies, have established IOT partnerships. Through the industry proven low-power and ultra-low power simplelink wireless MCU product portfolio, Ti provides a variety of innovative wireless connection solutions for different IOT applications of four enterprises. Simplelink's product portfolio includes wireless MCU, wireless network processor (WNP), RF transceiver and distance extender for a wide range of embedded markets, which can simplify the development of IOT applications and easily realize the interconnection of everything. With support for up to 14 wireless connection standards, such as Bluetooth smart, Wi Fi, sub-1 GHz, 6LoWPAN, ZigBee, etc., this product portfolio can help manufacturers easily add wireless connection functions to any product and design, and meet all application needs

we are very happy to establish IOT partnership with many leading enterprises in China. The wide adoption of TI products proves our product advantages and technological innovation. Mr. Wu Jianhong, director of business development in China of Ti semiconductor division, said that in the future, we hope to work with more local enterprises to provide them with better product services and technical support, and jointly promote the vigorous development of China's IOT industry

Ti recently announced that it has established IOT partnerships with Tencent, Baidu, Alibaba and, four leading Internet companies in China. Through the industry proven low-power and ultra-low power simplelink (TM) wireless MCU product portfolio, Ti provides a variety of innovative wireless connection solutions for different IOT applications of four enterprises

as China's leading Internet integrated service provider, Tencent's social software has become a mainstream communication tool. As one of the cooperation projects between Ti and Tencent, ti will be designated as its Bluetooth smart and Wi Fi? Chip suppliers and their end users can implement airkiss and airsync protocols on TI's wireless chips and access the hardware platform promoted by Tencent. In the future, we also hope to open part of the authority of its cooperation forum to Ti, so that ti's technical engineers can provide support to developers on the forum and jointly create more innovative applications. In addition, Tencent's intelligent hardware open platform IOT has also officially joined hands with Ti. Through the simplelink Bluetooth smart cc2541 wireless MCU, simplelink Bluetooth smart cc2640 and Wi Fi cc3200 wireless MCU provided by Ti, it is committed to providing partners with a high-quality integrated IOT development platform to help them improve product differentiation and reduce development costs

cc2541 is a system on chip (SOC) solution for power optimization of Bluetooth smart and 2.4-GHz private protocol applications. The ultra-low energy consumption provided by it can help customers establish a strong network node with very low material cost investment; Ti simplelink cc2640 wireless MCU is a wireless MCU for Bluetooth smart applications, which can support a wide range of Bluetooth smart applications, including wearable devices, accessories, signal stations and industrial automation for health care, fitness and medical treatment; Simplelink cc3200 device is a wireless MCU with high-performance arm cortex-m4 MCU, which enables customers to develop the whole application with a single integrated circuit (IC). With on-chip Wi Fi, interconnection and robustness, we have taken important measures to reduce the carbon footprint of security protocols, which can achieve unprecedented rapid development without previous Wi Fi experience. Ti's simplelink Bluetooth smart wireless MCU cc2541 tensile testing machine has poor sensitivity of the dial pointer and cc2640, which are widely used in Alibaba's shopping mall positioning and navigation applications, while ti's Wi Fi cc3200 wireless MCU has also been connected to Alibaba cloud at end users, and will promote the access of Bluetooth applications on Alibaba cloud in the future. At the same time, cc3200 is also applied to JD cloud for JD finance. Ti will work with JD intelligence (the former nsng subsidiary of JD) to jointly develop a new generation of JD cloud

in the cooperation with Baidu, the two sides are jointly committed to promoting the formulation of vertical industry standardization and the development of IOT industry in the field of IOT, and integrate ti's hardware advantages with Baidu's software technology to achieve a more integrated structure and smoother experience of IOT infrastructure. In addition, Ti also hopes to further cooperate with Baidu in IOT OS and other aspects, and establish relevant OS alliances to build an intelligent and complete IOT software stack based on the development needs of the enterprise and the common interests of all parties, so as to improve the technological innovation ability of the IOT industry

about Ti

ti is a global semiconductor design and manufacturing company, specializing in the development of analog integrated circuits (IC) and embedded processors. Ti has the world's top talents, who are determined to innovate and shape the future of the technology industry. Now, Ti is working with more than 100000 customers to develop troubleshooting methods: cleaning the pendulum bearings, gear rods, pointers, and wire wheels to create a better tomorrow

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