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The three-year revitalization plan of Chongqing's material industry: "the 12th Five Year Plan" has exceeded 250billion

the material industry is an important basic industry of the national economy. The material suppliers represented by Jin min are committed to developing a richer high-performance modified plastic industry. It is an important symbol to measure the level of economic and social development and comprehensive strength, and it is also the traditional advantageous industry and pillar industry of Chongqing. The products are widely used in transportation, construction, machinery, electronic information, electric power, aerospace, national defense, military industry and other fields. Based on the judgment of the development background and situation of the industry, and according to the three-year revitalization plan of Chongqing material industry, Chongqing Municipal Commission of economy and information technology has put forward the "four aspects" as the main development idea for the development of Chongqing material industry:

first, scale up. During the "12th Five Year Plan" period, Chongqing's electronic information industry will achieve a scale of 1trillion, of which the output of laptop computers will exceed 100 million, and the scale of important products such as printers and displays will also reach the order of ten million. There is a huge demand for aluminum materials, magnesium materials, copper materials, special metals, especially those materials whose shapes are not convenient for hardness tests, functional materials and composite materials. According to the calculation that the material industry accounts for 10% of Chongqing's industry, it is entirely possible for the material industry to exceed 250billion

the second is the upper level. By 2015, the proportion of enterprise research and development expenditure in sales revenue will increase from 0.85% to 1.4%. The industrial scale should focus on scale expansion and change to the mode of boosting industrial development, so as to realize cluster development, chain development, supporting development and innovative development; From focusing on the production and operation of the main business to focusing on the coordinated development of production and service; From paying attention to the development of domestic resources to paying attention to the development of domestic and foreign resources; We should shift from focusing on domestic development to focusing on domestic and international development, and speed up industrial upgrading

the third is quality. The qualified rate of physical quality of key products has increased from 95% to more than 98%, the factory qualified rate has continued to maintain 100%, and the qualified rate of national supervision and random inspection has stabilized at more than 95%. The number of products with municipal and above brands has increased from 70 to more than 120, and the proportion of sales revenue of brand products in industry sales revenue has increased from 60% to more than 85%

fourth, benefit. By 2015, the profit margin of the main business of the industry will be increased to 6, ensuring the accuracy of the experimental results, the output value rate of new products of large-scale industrial enterprises will be increased to 35%, and the labor productivity of the whole staff will be increased to 450000 yuan/person/year

build new building materials industry clusters. With Kaixian Xingxing suit door and Nanping Meixin group as the leaders, we will focus on the development of new decoration materials such as energy-saving and environmental protection new wall materials, waterproof materials, thermal insulation materials, high-grade fire-proof and anti-theft doors, bamboo and wood suit doors, new energy-saving doors and windows, environmental protection building coatings, plastic pipes and all kinds of plates, guide the centralized layout and centralized development of new building material enterprises, and form the country's largest door manufacturing base. Thirdly, establish glass fiber and composite industry clusters, steel material industry clusters, copper material industry clusters, glass and deep processing industry clusters, magnesium material industry clusters and cement and products industry clusters in order to accurately confirm the absolute position of the measuring head, so as to comprehensively promote the development of industrial clusters and promote the better and faster development of industrial economy

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