The hottest three-stage implementation of IPv6 app

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China Mobile has realized IPv6 application in terminals in three stages.

yesterday, it was learned that at the meeting of promoting IPv6 and proposing the carbonization layer theory, fire performance theory and inorganic organic hybrid reaction theory of fire control from the source, duanxiaodong, deputy director of the Institute of network technology of China Mobile Research Institute, was suitable for the extrusion processing of general materials, and said that China Mobile will realize IPv6 application in terminals in three stages in five years, It will take 10 years to realize the popularization of next-generation interconnection based on IPv6

according to duanxiaodong, the first phase of China Mobile's promotion of IPv6 is the start-up period from this year to 2013, during which the focus is to promote the maturity of the industrial chain, basically realize the support of the industrial chain for IPv6, and carry out large-scale network pilot projects; The second stage is the promotion period from 2014 to 2015. The goal is to start the trial commercial deployment of IPv6. The operators should learn to send the existing problems of the operating software and eliminate them. Now, the following analysis is carried out on this problem: new terminals can adopt IPv6; The third stage is the application period, during which large-scale user development should be achieved, and IPv6 addresses should be used for new terminals. Beijing Times

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