The 22nd PLC technical training of Hollysys was su

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The 22nd PLC technology training of Hollysys was successfully completed

from July 26 to July 28, 2006, the PLC business department conducted the 22nd small integrated PLC technology training at the headquarters of Hollysys. In addition to Beijing, some trainees from Shandong, Tianjin, Hebei and other provinces and cities participated in the training, with nearly 60 people, including more than two-thirds of manufacturing users

the three-day training package to avoid damaging IC electronic parts includes: the staff of Hollysys summarized the PLC products of Hollysys and G3 series, focusing on the main performance and business development status of the small integrated PLC independently developed by Hollysys, and also introduced the application of the eight strategic emerging industries affirmed by our province in different industries and related cases. The lecturer comprehensively explained the programming software based on IEC international standards, and through synchronous computer operation, the trainees learned the programming methods and skills pertinently. In addition, the lecturer also focused on the high-speed pulse output, interruption, analog input and output, including the development and production of PVC and silicone materials, PID regulation, PLC and HMI connection, PLC control frequency converter, motor and other related issues that the trainees are concerned about

after three days of training, students generally reflected that G3 series PLC has excellent performance, reasonable training course arrangement and rich content. They hope that through such learning, they can use high-quality domestic PLC as soon as possible. At the same time, more students also put forward many valuable opinions on the future training, and expressed their recognition of Hollysys' promotion of domestic PLC and their trust in the bright future of domestic PLC! In August, the 23rd small integrated PLC training will be held in Hangzhou. Respect to every position of auto parts. Please pay attention

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