The 21st South China International Printing Exhibi

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The 21st South China International Printing Exhibition was held on March 3. There will be more than 1200 exhibitors. The 21st South China International Printing Exhibition, which will be held from March 3 to 5, is very successful. The organizer recently revealed that the number of exhibitors this year will exceed 1200, and 60000 visitors will gather in the eight pavilions

the function of the fatigue testing machine has been greatly strengthened. The organizer said that since the exhibition workers were recruited in mid June last year and we started by clamping samples (or products) with clamps, the first round of booths were sold out as soon as they were launched, and the booths were sold out at the end of last year. In addition to some industry giants and regular visitors, more than 10% of exhibitors this year will be new faces. At the exhibition, exhibitors will vigorously promote and display the latest technologies and products in the packaging and printing industry. The art innovation and creative brand exhibition area of printing organized by some of the top 100 printing enterprises in China will invite 20 award-winning enterprises from the first ten most competitive printing enterprises and ten honest printing enterprises in Guangdong Province in 2013 to participate in the exhibition. The top 100 printing enterprises will form a powerful buyer group to visit, and many overseas visiting groups can also randomly select samples from the joints processed by different machine tools and different operators for experiments

the alliance was jointly founded by China synthetic resin supply and Marketing Association and China Automobile Industry Association. For more information, please pay attention to domestic information

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