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The 21st stop of Shantui's "customer care trip" entered Chongqing

the 21st stop of Shantui's "customer care trip" entered Chongqing

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recently, a "customer care trip" service visit with the theme of "careful guarantee · towards the journey" entered Chongqing, and a visit team composed of marketing service support department, Chongqing Office and Chongqing Shantui technicians came to the customers, Listen closely to the voice of customers

in Chongqing in May, it was rainy, but this did not affect the enthusiasm of the visiting group to go deep into the front line. Following Shantui equipment, the visiting group walked through the mountains and rivers of Chongqing. Whether the frequency converter on the No. 1 variable frequency single column tensile testing machine of care bank has a fault report, and then flows back to the oil tank through the oil return valve body through the pressure oil pipe, and the alarm displays; One stop came to the building materials company located in Jiangjin district. The company purchased three sl50w experimental equipment equipped with up-down stretching fixture carriers at one time the year before last. According to the company's boss, general manager Xie, the working performance of the three equipment has been very stable, especially one of the loaders used to feed the crusher. It usually has the largest workload, but it has never delayed production due to equipment problems. Then, the visiting group carried out daily maintenance of the whole machine for the three equipment, and had an in-depth exchange with master Yang, the driver, on the use experience. Master Yang affirmed the Shantui loader in terms of controllability, comfort, work efficiency and so on

then, the visiting group drove more than 300 kilometers to Zhongxian County to learn about the use of dh17 full hydraulic bulldozer. After arriving at the scene, Master Zhang, the driver, said that this was his first contact with the full hydraulic bulldozer. Dh17 was not only sensitive and accurate in operation, but also full of power, high efficiency, and very low noise in the cab. Then the visiting group introduced the precautions for the use of the full hydraulic bulldozer to master Zhang in detail, and carefully listened to and recorded the improvement suggestions put forward by Master Zhang

during the daily inspection of the equipment by the visiting group, the accompanying Chongqing Shantui service personnel received that due to the recent heavy rain, a large number of equipment were being shut down for maintenance. There was an sd22 in Shizhu County, 80 kilometers away. After delivery, it was temporarily unable to arrange for manual installation of the cutter head, and the customer was anxious to use it. After understanding this situation, the visiting group immediately made a decision to go to Shizhu County for support. After walking nonstop for nearly 2 hours, I finally came to the mine where sd22 is located. After a brief understanding of the situation, I put myself into the installation work. The user looked at the busy visiting group in the rain and said, "I really didn't make a mistake in choosing Shantui". In a simple sentence, it is the recognition of Shantui service. It is the goal that every Shantui person strives for. Aging and loosening of parts is the problem mark of long-term use of equipment

the "customer care Tour" of Chongqing railway station in 2018 is coming to an end. This activity not only improves customer satisfaction in this region, but also collects many improvement suggestions from users, providing support for creating products that better meet users' needs in the future

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